Crowd Funded Gadget Is Selling Out Nationwide

This is the Swiss Army knife of charging stations. This revolutionary device is solar powered, eco-friendly, and reliable in any situation. You will never be without power if you have this device with you! Its compact and portable design is perfect for travel. Bring it anywhere in the world and you won’t have to worry about carrying a converter when you’re in another country!

Could you imagine not being able to contact your loved ones? Or not being able to call for help when you really need it? Even worse… no social media? Staying connected keeps us sane! The most reliable and common way to connect with each other is our phones.

Our cellular devices not only keep us connected, they keep us from being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, provide GPS when we’re lost, capture precious moments through the camera, save important information, and keep us updated and informed with current news.

This innovative and revolutionary device is going to be your new best friend! The TrustyCharge solar-powered radio and charging station will be the only thing you need to guarantee you know where and how you’ll be charging your phone throughout the day.

Solar power is arguably one of the most reliable sources of energy. By converting sunlight into electricity, you can have power wherever there is a light source. Its all-weather and splash-proof protection make it the hottest item of the summer! Stay in the loop with its AM/FM radio feature, and never be lost in the dark again with the LED flashlight.

Eco-Friendly Device Is a New
Source for Free Power

What do you do when your backup plan needs another backup plan? Unlike other USB charging devices that could die at any given moment, the TrustyCharge is always reliable! With this device, you won’t need to worry about where to charge your phone. Either solar-powered or hand-cranked energy will guarantee you will always stay connected. Because the TrustyCharge is all-weather and splash-proof, it’s ideal in any situation:

  • Outdoor Excursions

    Almost every horror movie has a scene with someone being chased into the woods where all they have with them is their cell phone. Help is only a phone call away until… that’s right, their phone dies! Maybe next time they’ll think twice before they hike to that cabin in the woods without a TrustyCharge.

  • Beach/Lake

    This device can survive a few splashes from the ocean and provides optimum entertainment with its AM/FM radio feature. The red power indicator illuminates as it charges, and turns off when it is fully charged.

  • Traveling

    This device eliminates the extra step of trying to find an outlet power adapter when you travel to other countries.

  • Car

    Add this to complete the emergency kit in your vehicle!

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All the Amazing Benefits in One Compact Device

The TrustyCharge is the perfect road companion for people on the go, and ideal for days you just want to relax. Its features are meant to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone!

AM/FM Radio is solar-powered or hand-cranked to keep you informed and up-to-date with current news, road conditions, and dependable information you can rely on.

Have you ever had that one flashlight you keep for emergencies, and then when you finally needed it, it didn’t even work? The solar-powered or hand-cranked LED flashlight provides a light in times when you really need it.

Weather/Water Proof: I would hate to think that weather conditions would get so bad, you may need an emergency kit, but everyone should have one just in case. The best way to be prepared is having a source of power in case of power outages. Not all homes have a generator, but you can still charge your devices on its USB port.

This device provides complete convenience when it comes to charging. Not only for other USB devices, but the TrustyCharge itself can be charged almost anywhere.

The hand crank can be used when there is no exposure to any light source. Just lift the hand crank and crank it clockwise or counterclockwise to activate the battery. The longer you crank, the more use you can get out of your device!

Solar-powered charging bank means no need to change or charge batteries. Not only is solar power eco-friendly and reliable, it’s FREE!

A wall outlet or computer USB port is convenient if you want to charge your device overnight, or if you’re using it indoors and want to keep it charged while in use.

The Hottest Item of the Summer

The TrustyCharge is portable, reliable, durable in harsh weather conditions, splash-proof, eco-friendly, and solar-powered, which means it’s a free source of power! This device will be the next essential item that everyone will have with them wherever they go. Next to your phone and wallet, you can’t go anywhere without your TrustyCharge!

Never Be Stranded Without Power. Stay Currant With TrustyCharge.